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From 50 positive words, he picked randomly the card with the positive word gratitude.

Like always I ask: Do you want to keep this one or draw another card?

His answer: I will keep this one, is perfect. Who wouldn’t want to keep gratitude into their life? It’s pure magic.

Mindvalley University

Such a joy to be part of Mindvalley University. This is my second year.

Mindvalley University is a revolutionary education system where people learn things that they don’t teach you in the traditional education system such as how to have meaningful relationships, how to stay healthy, happy, discover and live your life mission, how to be financially free etc.

The program of this University is unique: one month every year in a different country. Last year I was in Barcelona and this year in Tallinn, Estonia.

This year I made a project during Mindvalley University where I gave 500 cards with positive words to the members, which were around 100 people. More pictures of this project can be found on Facebook in the folder Mindvalley University.

mindvalley university 3

How I did it?

I informed the community with one week before the event that I want to give 500 cards with positive words. I asked them to say what positive word they want me to give them. Based on the answers of the community and based on my own research I came down to 50 words for this event.mindvalley university

I put pictures from Tallinn (the city of the event) on the face of the cards and on the back I put 5 memories from my childhood. I printed the 50 words one 500 cards. During the month I had a box with 50 different cards with me all the time and was giving them to people. I would say to pick it randomly and if they don’t like it they could change it. Some people have gone through all the cards and choose the card they like and if they could not decide among let’s say 5 cards, I would have given all the 5 cards to them. The purpose was for them to be content and to remain with their soul fulfilled.mindvalley university 2

I would say to them that I am promoting positive words and that I believe that what I give comes back to me multiplied.

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