Positive Word Research

Positive Word Research promotes positive words and it’s a subproject of Positive Words Research.

Both projects are created by Elena Daniela Calin. She has a team of 4 people.

See the TIMELINE of the positive words projects to see a glimpse in time of what was done so far.

See the GOALS that we are aiming for.

See the CATALOG with the inspirational cards with positive words that we sell. Keep in mind the link to the TIPS about how to use the positive words cards.

Positive Words Research highly recommends researching positive words. The words have power equal with the information that we are conscious about. Each word is connected with a realm of consciousness specifically related to that word, where people have added/deleted/corrected the information over time.

To ensure the many realms of beautiful consciousness will not elude you, research the word to become aware of a certain realm. Awareness (articles, people, places, events) takes few seconds/minutes, no more.

Then, as you go further in your life, and you notice that the veil of ignorance (lack of awareness) has taken over you again, research again the word.

Positive words are anchors of the highest consciousness there is in the Universe. Pull the anchor by researching the word a few minutes and connect that part of consciousness with your own consciousness (actually more truthfully would be said: be aware of that part of consciousness that is already inside of you).

The 5 Steps To Transformation – that we recommend

  1. Access and scan the list of positive words
  2. Pick and research any positive word that you find interesting.
  3. AWARENESS is activated.
  4. CHOICE (real power of choice) is activated.
  5. TRANSFORMATION will happen as a result.


Positive Words Research

Positive Word Research is a project of Positive Words Research that is the home of the most viral list of positive words in the world. When one puts positive words on Google this list is first.

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