IAU 24h European Championship

Positive Words Research was present as a partner at the IAU 24 hours European Championship 2018.

We gave cards with positive words to the runners and organizers of this amazing competition.

Each runner was received at the airport and was given a card with a positive word. The runner could either pick the word he wanted or pick it randomly. For example, a French runner searched for the word self-discipline, he found it and took it.

Pictures from our participation in this event can be seen here: 24h Marathon.


Patrick Ruiz after seeing on our facebook page the word confidence said:

C’est le mot que vous m’avez donné le jour de notre arrivée (24 mai) à l’aéroport de Timisoara, il nous a porté chance. Nous avons passé un très beau séjour. Merci.

It translates to “This is the word you gave me the day we arrived (May 24) at Timisoara airport, it brought us luck. We had a very nice stay. Thank you.

He was kind enough to provide a picture of him with the card he received.

Patrick Ruiz is part of the French team that won the IAU 24h Championship 2018.France 2018 IAU 24hFrench Team winning IAU 24h 2018IAU 24h 2018 (2)

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